Press Release

This great news coincides with the 10th anniversary of the ASSIST, which has grown to become the most popular golf swing trainer and exerciser in the entire world.

The ASSIST is the first truly complete swing trainer. The patented design works by controlling your movements to teach the perfect golf swing. The ASSIST's precision bent shaft and heavy head produces a rotational force 20 times greater than a standard six iron. As the club is swung, the proper release action is accentuated to eliminate slicing, increase clubhead speed, and produce longer, straighter shots. In addition, the exclusively designed training grip places your hands inger summed it up nicely when he said: "No matter what score I shoot, I'm always looking for improvement. That's why I use the ASSIST to help groove my swing for more accuracy and power. For ten years, I've used the ASSIST, and so should you."


    • Grip
    • Extension
    • Wrist Action
    • Weight Transfer
    • Clubhead Speed
    • Strength
    • Tempo & Timing
    • Muscle Memory

Whether you're at home, in the office, or at the range, swinging the Amazing ASSIST a few minutes each day makes practice easy. It's ideal for pre-game or pre-practice warm-up. It comes with complete instructions written by a PGA Teaching Professional. Available right and left handed for men, women, and juniors. Retail price is only $80 plus $10 for shipping.