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Product Code: Swing Perfecter
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The Perfecter Swing Trainer is designed to only be used after first practicing with the Matzie ASSIST© Swing Trainer and learning all the correct 8 elements of a Golf swing.

The ASSIST is designed with the patented bent shaft; USA sized training grip and a heavy weighted shaped head. Swing the ASSIST 3-5 minutes every day, and very soon you will develop a muscle memory of the correct swing. The accurately positioned head angle to the grip position will result in rotating your hands properly and at the correct time and speed to eliminate any future slicing of the ball. The heavier weight of this training club is necessary to make you develop a correct and repeatable Golf swing.

Now the final step is to transfer all the skills learned on the ASSIST to a weighted club exactly like your own club and be able to hit a ball and see the flight straight and on the course. The Perfecter Swing Trainer now becomes the first warmup club to use when hitting balls on the driving range.

The Perfecter is designed to weigh the same as your own club. The bent shaft, training grip and now lofted iron head makes it easy to take the skills learned and convert that to hitting all shots on the course.

GRIP: The exclusive training grip places the thumb and Index finger V's in the traditional 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions, resulting in maximum muscle interaction.

RELEASE: The release action is a two-part motion involving the arms, shoulders, and rotation of the hands. The dynamics of the Perfecter provides a controlled release motion to improve distance and accuracy.


- Grip
- Wrist Release
- Clubhead Speed
- Tempo & Timing

- Distance
- Accuracy
- Strength
- Muscle Memory

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