"The ASSIST is Truly Amazing"
Don't take our word for it. Here's what others had to say:

"I use the ASSIST in my clinics around the world, because it's much easier to get my message across by actually showing people rather than just telling them."
Al Geiberger (Mr. 59) PGA Senior Tour

"I honestly can say that the "Amazing Assist" is truly amazing. It really does create the perfect golf swing."
Jeffrey M. Austin - Palm Desert, CA

"The Assist should be required equipment for all golfers."
Drew Pierson - PGA Teaching Pro, Durham, CT

"The Assist is the first product that simulates the golf swing as it is supposed to be."
Bruce Locke - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

"It is an excellent device for correct grip, hand position at address, and release."
Mike Caruso - Elmhurst, Illinois

"I've played golf for 30 years and now have the best swing I've ever had. I am singing its praises!"
Marlene Daugherty - Raleigh, NC

"I've tried several golf teaching aids, but the Assist has provided the most benefits in the shortest time period. It allows me to do what my pro has been telling me to do for years. Now, I understand."
Lee Petersen - Fargo, ND

The Assist is "excellent for warmup, strength drills, tempo and overall swing feel. I have recommended it to friends with handicaps ranging from 6 to 27."
William Vincent - Winchester, MA

"The Assist is the most useful golf aid I've ever used. It has significantly improved my distance and accuracy."
Martin Salter - E. Concord, NY

The Assist is an excellent tool for muscle development and coordination in golf. I would recommend it to everyone interested in golf."
Emily Maner - Mammoth Lakes, CA

"You start seeing improvements right away."
Richard Zack - Lutz, Florida

"THE AMAZING ASSIST is great for proper grip and tempo."
Darryel Cothren - Huntsville, Alabama

"The assist junior club is a valuable aid in my teaching program."
Rex Arnett - Golf Pro, Sycamore Springs Golf Club, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Your products are making my job easier."
Billy Castner - Golf Pro, Catourette Golf Club, Staten Island, NY

"In one week I've improved my game by 10 strokes."
Syd Charles - Show Low, Arizona

"Good practice aid when you can't get to driving range."
Albert Taylor - Houston, TX

"It's amazing how it will help you hit the ball further and straighter."
Tom Scarborough - Orangebur, SC

"It looks so strange but feels so good."
Benny Magdael - San Jose, CA

"The Assist is the only club needed to greatly improve your game. Thanks for inventing such a perfect practice and warm-up club."
Stephen Rudnick - Keyport, NJ

"Has enabled me to grip my clubs in the same way every time."
William Miller - Bellowville, Ontario Canada

"One swing taught me more than the dozens of golf instructional books I have read."
Michael O'Reilly - Akron, OH

"It's the best way to practice away from the course."
Elsie Orr - Salem, NC

"My handicap has dropped from 8 to 5."
Sidney Croft - Redondo Beach, CA

"I don't start a round golf without using 'the funny club'."
Erma Hedges - Hudson, OH

"After using THE AMAZING ASSIST just five minutes on the practice tee. I noticed a dramatic difference in my swing. Truly it is appropriately named."
Jeff McQueen - Grapevine, TX

"Excellent training device, probably the best I've ever had."
Dennis Duncan - Shaker Heights, OH

"It's a winner, especially for a senior, just starting up."
Joseph Petuck - Alsip, IL